"Flaws in EDF's Methane Study Draw Criticism from Scientists"

Major news outlets lionized a study of methane drilling leaks -- hailed by industry as showing minimal climate impacts -- that scientists now say was riddled with flaws.

"Perhaps the single most consequential and controversial issue at the center of the onshore natural gas drilling boom is the question of methane leaks. Natural gas is primarily made of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, and if enough escapes into the atmosphere, these leaks could potentially make natural gas a worse fuel for the climate than coal.

In mid-September, researchers from the University of Texas published a study that was hailed by a triumphant oil and gas industry, which claimed it definitively showed that methane leaks from fracking are minimal. Major news outlets largely fed this excitement, proclaiming that the study showed EPA had dramatically overestimated methane leaks from the drilling boom.

But as the celebrations died down and more sober and rigorous analysis of the study has begun, scientists are finding that the University of Texas study is riddled with flaws."

Sharon Kelly reports for DeSmogBlog October 14, 2013.

Source: DeSmogBlog, 10/15/2013