"Flint Moves To Keep Detroit Water Amid Recovery"

"Gov. Rick Snyder praised the city of Flint’s plan to sign a long-term deal with Detroit's water system after the city's departure from it four years ago set in motion one of the nation’s worst drinking water crises.

Snyder told reporters  Tuesday that he was pleased to see the tentative agreement reached between city, county, state and federal leaders to provide new financial incentives for Flint to return for the next 30 years to the Detroit system now known as the Great Lakes Water Authority.

“That’s the success we like to see when people work together like that,” Snyder said. “This is a major step forward in terms of providing a better water supply for Flint, for the county and for the Great Lakes Water Authority.”"

Matthew Dolan and Kathleen Gray report for the Detroit Free Press April 18, 2017.


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Source: Detroit Free Press, 04/19/2017