Florida Environmental Crisis Takes Center Stage In Tight Senate Race

"Bill Nelson, Rick Scott tangle over blame for the state’s toxic algae blooms and other water quality problems"

"In recent days, the U.S. Senate race in Florida has turned decidedly slimy.

Incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D) and his Republican challenger, Gov. Rick Scott, have taken turns blaming each other for the toxic blue-green algae blooms plaguing parts of the state, which have killed marine life, raised public health concerns and threatened the Sunshine State’s tourism industry. And even as they accuse each other of inaction, both the two-term governor and the three-term senator have scrambled to prove how dedicated they are to addressing the problem.

In a campaign season dominated by talk of immigration, trade tariffs, the Supreme Court and all things President Trump, the clash in Florida over an unfolding environmental disaster could prove a pivotal issue in one of the nation’s most closely watched Senate races this fall."

Brady Dennis and Lori Rozsa report for the Washington Post August 9, 2018.


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Source: Washington Post, 08/10/2018