Florida Farm Workers Think Pesticide Exposure Is Giving Them Cancer

"Marta Cruz left Michoacán, Mexico with her husband and 1-year-old son a decade and a half ago to work in the fields of Homestead, Florida, picking lemons and tomatoes as farm workers. A couple of years ago, she began suffering from headaches but figured it was from the long hours working under the sweltering sun or the stress of figuring out how to pay bills."

"Two years ago she fell to the ground with convulsions and was rushed to a hospital, where she learned she had a cancerous brain tumor -- it was later removed. One year later, her 17 year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. By the time he received medical attention, it had already spread to his stomach, chest and lungs.

According to Cruz, no one in her family has ever suffered from cancer. She believes she and her son may have developed the disease from exposure to pesticides while working at a Florida nursery."

Carmen Sesin reports for Fox News Latino August 31, 2013.

Source: Latino Fox, 09/02/2013