Florida: Summertime Slime Fueled By Climate Change As Well As Pollution

"Blue-green algae covers 90 percent of Lake Okeechobee. It’s now grown thick in the canals connecting the lake to the St. Lucie River on the east coast, as well as in the Caloosahatchee River near Fort Myers on the west coast.

Meanwhile a long-running Red Tide algae bloom on the state’s west coast has been killing sea turtles and manatees in the Boca Grande area, according to river advocates and fishing captains. Fishkills and respiratory complaints have been pouring into the state wildlife commission from four counties.

Both algae blooms are wrecking the coastal economy in the areas they’re afflicting. And both are fueled by climate change as warmer water temperatures boost the likelihood of blooms."

Craig Pittman reports for the Tampa Bay Times July 6, 2018.


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Source: Tampa Bay Times, 07/10/2018