Foes of CA Global Warming Law Pour Money Into a Campaign To Delay It

"Oil companies and conservative activists poured nearly $1 million last week into their campaign to place an initiative on the November ballot that would delay enforcement of California's global warming law.

The effort, which also sought to enlist 'tea party' activists, came as organizers failed to meet their original goal of gathering the 433,000 necessary signatures by Friday.

But with the infusion of $930,000 to pay signature gatherers, bringing the total to $1.9 million, 'We will all do what it takes to win,' said Assemblyman Dan Logue (R-Marysville), an initiative backer.

'This will be an epic battle like no other between environmental extremism and job growth.'"

Margot Roosevelt reports for the Los Angeles Times April 19, 2010.

Source: LA Times, 04/21/2010