"Foreseeing Trouble in Exporting Natural Gas"

"MIDLAND, Mich. -- As Dow Chemical’s chief executive, Andrew N. Liveris has made himself into something of an outcast among his fellow business leaders. The reason? He is spearheading a public campaign against increased exports of natural gas, which he sees as a threat to a manufacturing renaissance in the United States, not to mention his own company’s bottom line."

"But many others say such exports would provide far more benefits to the country than drawbacks, all part of a transformation that promises to increase the nation’s weight in the global economy.

The debate has grown personal. In the words of Charif Souki, an energy industry executive promoting a new natural gas export facility, Mr. Liveris is both 'self-serving' and a 'hypocrite.'"

Clifford Krauss and Nelson D. Schwartz report for the New York Times August 15, 2013.

Source: NY Times, 08/16/2013