Forged PR-Firm Letters Faked 'Grass Roots' Lobby Against Climate Bill

"As U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello was considering how to vote on an important piece of climate change legislation in June, the freshman congressman’s office received at least six letters from two Charlottesville-based minority organizations voicing opposition to the measure.

The letters, as it turns out, were forgeries.

'They stole our name. They stole our logo. They created a position title and made up the name of someone to fill it. They forged a letter and sent it to our congressman without our authorization,' said Tim Freilich, who sits on the executive committee of Creciendo Juntos, a nonprofit network that tackles issues related to Charlottesville’s Hispanic community. 'It’s this type of activity that undermines Americans’ faith in democracy.'

The faked letter from Creciendo Juntos was signed by 'Marisse K. Acevado, Asst Member Coordinator,' an identity and position at Creciendo Juntos that do not exist.

The person who sent the letter has not been identified, but he or she was employed by a Washington lobbying firm called Bonner & Associates."

Brian McNeill reports for the Charlottesville Daily Progress July 31, 2009.

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Source: Charlottesville Daily Progress, 08/03/2009