Former Obama Advisers Call for Halt To Shell's Arctic Drilling

"The entire future of Shell's drilling plans in the Arctic was put in doubt on Friday after two of Barack Obama's most trusted advisers called for a permanent halt to oil exploration."

"In a piece for Bloomberg news, Carol Browner, who was Obama's climate adviser during his first two years in office, and John Podesta, who headed his 2009 transition team, said they now believed there was no safe way to drill for oil in the Arctic.

Their opinions come at a critical time for Shell, which has invested six years and nearly $5bn trying to gain access to the vast undersea reserves of oil and natural gas in the Arctic ocean.

The Obama administration this month launched a high-level review of Shell's plans for the Arctic, after a series of equipment failures and safety and environmental lapses."

Suzanne Goldenberg reports for the Guardian January 18, 2013.


"Why We Now Oppose Drilling in the Arctic" (Bloomber/Browner & Podesta)

Source: Guardian, 01/21/2013