"Fracking Opponents Feel Police Pressure In Some Drilling Hotspots"

"Wendy Lee, an anti-fracking activist and philosophy professor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, has always protested peacefully. So she was stunned last winter when a state trooper came to her home to ask her about eco-terrorism and pipe bombs.

The trooper was investigating an alleged trespassing incident that involved Lee and two other activists visiting a gas compressor in Pennsylvania's Lycoming County in June 2013. Lee says they stayed on a public road and left when security guards told them to go away.

Lee was never charged with anything and believes the trooper's visit was intended simply to intimidate her. 'They're clearly there to send the message that they protect the industry,' she says."

Marie Cusick reports for NPR/WITF March 1, 2015.

Source: NPR, 03/02/2015