"Fracking's 'Revolving Door' Draws a Warning"

"Many of Pennsylvania's policymakers, regulators and enforcement workers have come from the oil and gas industry they oversee, or they leave state jobs for industry jobs, according to a recent report that questions the impacts of such a "revolving door" on public policy decisions."

"A report titled 'Fracking and the Revolving Door in Pennsylvania' identified 45 current or former state officials who have links to the energy industry and gas drilling and fracking regulation, including 28 who have left to take industry jobs.

The 30-page report, released two weeks ago by the Public Accountability Initiative (public-accountability.org), a Buffalo, N.Y.-based nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization focused on corporate and government accountability, said that attrition from government jobs to positions in the regulated industry calls into question the commitment of those employees to enforce regulations on companies they could soon work for."

Don Hopey reports for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette March 10, 2013.


"'Fracking' Brings Prosperity, Problems To Pennsylvania" (Balrimore Sun)

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 03/11/2013