Gas Industry Coloring Book Promotes Drilling With Kids: No Gray Crayon

"When the energy industry publishes a coloring book, there is no crayon needed to see the shades of gray.

Exhibit A: 'Talisman Terry's Energy Adventure,' a handout for children published by Talisman Energy that explains the natural gas industry with the help of a 'friendly Fracosaurus' dinosaur named Terry.

Everyone smiles in Terry's world. Mom smiles, Dad smiles, the worker smiles, the dog smiles, the cat smiles, the deer smiles, the fish smiles, the sun smiles, the moon smiles, the flower smiles, the rock smiles. Even the helium balloon -- used to demonstrate how 'natural gas is lighter than air' -- smiles.

The coloring book's overt message -- drilling is smart, safe and American -- is delivered in kid-friendly fashion, glossing over the environmental and economic controversies that have surrounded drillers tapping the Marcellus Shale rock formation for lucrative pockets of gas."

Erich Schwartzel reports for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June 19, 2011.


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Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 06/20/2011