"Gas Station Owners Pay The Price For BP Affiliation"

"Five years ago, the chance to buy a gas station and a busy repair shop from BP seemed like an opportunity for Jose and Betty Camacho.

The husband and wife figured that the well-traveled stretch between Washington, D.C., and its Maryland suburbs should generate lots of business. They own their business, but are franchisees. By contract, they must buy their gas from BP until 2020.

Now that affiliation is causing problems.

The anger against BP has prompted some to picket in front of BP-branded gas stations. Jesse Jackson has called for a BP boycott. But BP sold off its retail gas business. Now, the people who own the 13,000 BP gas stations are generally independent franchisees, like the Camachos. "

Yuki Noguchi reports for NPR's Morning Edition June 14, 2010.


"Should You Boycott BP?" (Mother Jones)

Source: NPR, 06/14/2010