"Genetically Modified Apples Raise Concerns"

"Neal Carter wants to bring some interest and excitement to those big displays of apples in the local supermarket."

"The Summerland, British Columbia, apple grower and agricultural engineer wants to introduce consumers to an apple that is different from anything they have seen before. While his company’s Arctic apples look the same on the outside, the difference is locked inside. The fruit has been genetically modified to inhibit browning of the flesh when the apple is cut or bitten into.

Carter is founder and president of Okanagan Specialty Fruits, which is seeking federal approval to market two of the modified varieties, Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny apples. The U.S. Department of Agriculture could make a decision by June.

Carter, 55, argues that a favorable ruling would do for apples what baby carrots did -- bring some sorely needed buzz to a tired segment of the market. Baby carrot sales doubled in 1990. Apple per capita consumption has gradually declined to less than 16 pounds per year from a high of more than 21 pounds about two decades ago, according to the USDA."

David Lester reports for the Yakima Herald-Republic February 10, 2013.

Source: Yakima Herald, 02/11/2013