"Giving Voice To An Ailing Oregon River"

"Fishing guide Amy Hazel gripped the oars, leaned back and pulled her drift boat across the tumbling waters of the lower Deschutes River as cheesecloth clouds filtered sunlight on a Friday in June.

She had her eyes set on an eddy where she knew she’d find fish inclined to munch on a dry fly.

“It’s a hunt,” Hazel said. “It’s not a game of numbers, unless you want to make it a game of numbers, and then you wouldn’t be necessarily always doing what we’re doing, which is targeting one fish at a time. … I like the hunt.”

Dry-fly fishing, in which anglers use lures that stay above the surface of the water, requires incredible precision — and optimal conditions."

Bradley W. Parks reports for OPB July 18, 2022.

Source: OPB, 07/18/2022