GOP Climate Sceptics Face Reelection Battle as Green Groups Hit Back

"It is the issue most notable by its absence in the 2012 presidential race. But the environment may yet have an impact this election as campaign groups target the vulnerable congressional seats of Republicans who dismiss the dangers of climate change."

"The present US Congress is generally considered the most unfriendly to the environment on record – with multiple votes in the House of Representatives to strike down or weaken environmental regulations, cut back funds for developing clean energy, and discount the existence of climate change.

Now, nine Republicans – all in tough re-election contests – are facing payback for their records on the environment.

In the congressional races, the League of Conservation Voters, aims to spend $2m before election day to defeat what the group calls the 'Flat Earth Five': Republicans who do not accept established science on climate change."

Suzanne Goldenberg reports for the Guardian October 3, 2012.


"Sierra Club Campaigns Against Lawmaker Fighting For Their Cause" (California Watch)

Source: Guardian, 10/04/2012