"Governor Lingle Establishes Hawaii's First Surf Reserves"

"HONOLULU -- Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle today issued an executive order to establish surfing reserves at two of Hawaii's most important and well-known surfing areas. Both reserves are located in the state waters of the island of Oahu.

The executive order 'acknowledges the cultural, sports and historic significance of important surf sites in Hawaii,' and 'raises public awareness about the importance of protecting, nourishing and developing Hawaii's world famous surf sites.'

The governor's order establishes the Duke Kahanamoku Surfing Reserve, which includes surf breaks along Waikiki Beach bounded on the west by the Ala Wai Canal and on the east by the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium."

Environment News Service had the story June 2, 2010.

Source: ENS, 06/03/2010