"Grand Canyon National Park Bans Sale of Plastic Water Bottles"

"The National Park Service is banning the sale of plastic water bottles within Grand Canyon National Park, more than a year after the move was announced and then put on hold after Coca-Cola -- which bottles water under the Dasani brand -- raised concerns about the plan."

"The new restrictions take effect within 30 days, and follow the example of Utah's Zion National Park, which launched a similar program in 2008, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which offers water stations and encourages visitors to bring their own bottles or buy a stainless steel reusable bottle at the Kilauea Visitors Center.

Discarded plastic bottles account for about 30% of the Grand Canyon's total waste stream, according to an earlier park service estimate, and a park official said bottles are the single biggest source of trash found inside the canyon."

Laura Bly reports for USA TODAY February 7, 2012.

Source: USA TODAY, 02/08/2012