"The Grazing Expert Helping Farmers Build Resilient Ecosystems"

"Since the 1990s, Sarah Flack has helped livestock farmers across the country manage their animals to increase the health and sustainability of their farms."

"Vermont-based livestock grazing consultant Sarah Flack remembers being captivated by insects crawling in the soil when she was a child staying in a tent in Kenya. She remembers watching sheep graze when she lived in New Zealand and paying attention to all the different ways farmers managed their pastures. She remembers her ecologically minded parents teaching her about the complex interactions between animals, plants, and the earth.

“Agriculture was embedded in everything I did from when I was little,” she says.

For two decades, Flack has travelled throughout the United States as a speaker and consultant, teaching farmers how to harness the inherent power of the ecosystem to transform their land by grazing livestock intentionally. In addition to traveling to farms to meet with clients and teaching three or four workshops each month, Flack is an active author. Her book, The Art and Science of Grazing: How Grass Farmers Can Create Sustainable Systems for Healthy Animals and Farm Ecosystems, was released in 2016, and before that, she published two books on organic dairy production."

Sarah Shemkus reports for Civil Eats June 18, 2018.

Source: Civil Eats, 06/19/2018