Greenpeace Head Offers Self as Security To Win Bail for Activists

"The head of Greenpeace offered on Wednesday to move to Russia and stand as security for the release on bail of 30 people who were detained and charged with piracy by Russian authorities after protesting against oil drilling in the Arctic."

"The offer was made in a letter written by Kumi Naidoo to Russian President Vladimir Putin that was seen by Reuters and sent on Wednesday. It follows a Russian court's decision to refuse bail to three of the detainees.

'I would offer myself as a guarantor for the good conduct of the Greenpeace activists, were they to be released on bail,' he wrote in the letter, in which he offered to 'move (his) life to Russia for the duration of this affair.'"

Thomas Escritt reports for Reuters October 10, 2013.

Source: Reuters, 10/10/2013