"Group of 77 and China Agree to Fight Climate Change"

"SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia – 'The fate of billions of poor people and the state of the planet depend on the success of our efforts,' UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told leaders of the Group of 77 and China at their summit meeting Sunday in Santa Cruz.

The leaders ended their two-day summit on Sunday by adopting the Santa Cruz Declaration, which covers sustainable development, climate change, technology, economy, trade,  the building of democratic institutions, eradication of poverty and inequality, inclusion of women in development and global economic governance.

Addressing the summit, Ban said, 'As the largest group of countries in the United Nations, you play a key role in ensuring a successful outcome to the efforts of the United Nations to formulate and effectively implement the post-2015 development agenda.'  "

Environment News Service had the story June 16, 2014.


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Source: ENS, 06/17/2014