"Hard To Clean Up Wastewater Spills From Oil Wells Into N.D. Stream"

"Wastewater is arguably worse for the environment than oil, killing vegetation and leaving farmland sterile for generations. Some say the state isn't doing enough to get its spill problem controlled."

"DAVID GREENE, HOST: In all the debates over oil drilling and transporting oil, there's one thing that everyone agrees on; accidents can happen. People in the industry say they take every precaution, and the risk is worth the gain. Critics say damage to the environment can be disastrous. N.D. has just seen its worst spill since an oil boom began in that state. It's not oil leaking but wastewater from drilling. Emily Guerin reports.

EMILY GUERIN, BYLINE: When oil comes out of the ground after fracking, a lot of water comes up with it. That water is really salty, as much as 13 times saltier than ocean water, and can contain chemicals, oil and radioactive material."

Emily Guerin reports for NPR's Morning Edition February 4, 2015.

Source: NPR, 02/06/2015