"High-Altitude Ice Reveals a Climate on the Rocks"

"Ohio State scientist Lonnie Thompson tests the limits of science -- and his health -- to unlock climate secrets frozen at the top of the world's highest mountain ranges."

"The story was tucked on the bottom of page A4 in last week's New York Times. Most readers probably passed on it. Another piece about how fast the ice is melting. So what's new.

And few would have reacted to the name of the scientist behind the study, which found the world's largest tropical glacier is retreating at a geologic sprint.

Among climate scientists, though, Lonnie G. Thomson’s exploits are the stuff of legend. He is, colleagues say with just a hint of envy, a swashbuckler in the careful and cautious world of science."

Doug Struck reports for The Daily Climate April 9, 2013.

Source: Daily Climate, 04/09/2013