High Amounts of Arsenic Found in Maine Region's Wells

Domestic drinking water wells in the region around Augusta, Maine, show levels of arsenic above EPA's new safety standards. Excess arsenic in drinking water can cause a range of serious health problems.


"READFIELD — Marc Loiselle built his home to code.

His Cape on the outskirts of the village is well insulated, has proper wiring and an air-exchange system that keeps it cozy in winter, cool in summer.

'Then you drill a well, and surprise!' Loiselle said. 'Most people assume it’s fresh, pure, natural water, and perfectly safe to drink.'

Eventually, Loiselle found out his wasn’t. After he built his Sturtevant Hill Road home in 1995, he had his well tested as part of a Columbia University study.

It showed arsenic in his drinking water at 30 parts per billion."

Mechele Cooper reports for the Kennebec Journal September 4, 2011.


"Study Finds Strong Link Between Arsenic Levels, Children's Intellectual Development" (Kennebec Journal)

Source: Kennebec Journal, 09/05/2011