"With Hill Hopes for Climate Bill Dashed, Advocates Circle Wagons at EPA"

"With global warming legislation sidelined, advocates are bracing for battle over U.S. EPA climate rules, the only game in town for curbing emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

Environmentalists were left reeling this summer when the Senate retreated on climate legislation, and while a few die-hards say a climate bill is still possible this year, most advocates are shifting their focus to upholding EPA's authority to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

"Obviously, the chances are slim that we'll see a comprehensive bill this year -- but regardless, the regulations that EPA will be considering next year can achieve some pretty substantial global warming pollution reductions on their own," said Nathan Willcox, Environment America's federal global warming program director.

Their strategy amounts to a two-pronged campaign: fending off efforts in Congress to handcuff EPA regulatory power while prodding the Obama administration to mandate deep emission cuts."

Robin Bravender reports for Greenwire August 25, 2010.

Source: Greenwire, 08/27/2010