"Hog Poop Bacteria From Big NC Farms Taints Nearby Homes"

"As the state bats around a bill shielding hog farms from some nuisance lawsuits, new evidence filed in court last week finds harmful bacteria on homes near large confinement farms."

"Bacteria from large-scale industrial hog farms in North Carolina are contaminating the homes, lawns and air of nearby private homes, according to new evidence.

The bacteria, called pig2bac, are a marker for pig poop, which contains hundreds of other pathogens many of which can make people sick.

The evidence was filed in federal court last Friday and comes as state Republicans are pushing forward a bill to shield large-scale farms from many of the legal claims that seek to recover damages from lost property value, health effects and overall suffering from living near hog farm pollution and smells."

Brian Bienkowski reports for Environmental Health News May 11, 2017.


"Legislature Overrides Cooper Veto On Hog Farm Odor Lawsuits" (AP)

Source: EHN, 05/12/2017