House Dems Limit Amendments to Interior-EPA Spending Bill "

"House Democrats yesterday decided to allow votes on 13 of the 105 amendments submitted for the spending bill that funds environmental agencies, prompting cries of foul play from Republicans.

The Rules Committee last night approved a resolution governing debate on the House floor, which is expected as soon as today, for the $32.3 billion fiscal 2010 appropriations bill to fund the Interior Department, U.S. EPA and Forest Service.

The limited number of amendments continues a practice begun last week when Democrats allowed 33 amendments to the Commerce, Justice, Science spending bill out of the more than 100 filed by Republicans."

Noelle Straub and Robin Bravender report for Greenwire June 25, 2009.

Historically, rules limiting amendments on appropriations bills and other large bills have been a routine practice in the House under both Republican and Democratic control.

Source: Greenwire, 06/26/2009