"How Air, Water And Climate Pollution Shape Our Mental Health"

"For years Americans have been warned about the dangers of pollution and climate change but one effect is neglected: impacts to our brains."

"An investigation into the mental health impacts of air and water pollution in western Pennsylvania found alarming evidence that residents throughout the region are likely suffering changes to their brains due to pollution in the surrounding environment.

Reporting also uncovered the growing gap in mental health care as more people are traumatized by worsening climate change.

Kristina Marusic and Julie Grant report for Environmental Health News and the Allegheney Front November 18, 2021.


Part 1: "Air Pollution Can Alter Our Brains In Ways That Increase Mental Illness Risk" (EHN)

Part 2: "How Contaminated Water Contributes To Mental Illness" (EHN)

Part 3: "Feeling Anxious About Climate Change? Experts Say You're Not Alone" (EHN)

Part 4: "How To Address The Looming Crisis Of Climate Anxiety"

Part 5: "Seeking Solutions: Pollution And Mental Health In Western Pennsylvania"


Source: EHN, 11/19/2021