"How Climate Change Helped Make Hurricane Ida One Of Louisiana’s Worst"

"Unusually high temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico are “like stepping on the accelerator,” a scientist says"

"From its birth, the storm was destined to become a monster.

It formed from air that was hot, moist and thick with clouds. It incubated in the sultry Gulf of Mexico, drawing power from water that was unusually warm.

By the time Hurricane Ida made landfall in Port Fourchon, La., on Sunday, it was the poster child for a climate change-driven disaster. The fast-growing, ferocious storm brought 150-mile-per-hour wind, torrential rain and seven feet of storm surge to the most vulnerable part of the U.S. coast. It rivals the most powerful storm ever to strike the state."

Sarah Kaplan reports for the Washington Post August 30, 2021.


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Source: Washington Post, 08/31/2021