"How Mitsubishi Vacuumed Up Tuna From A Rogue Chinese Fishing Fleet"

"Last week, Mongabay revealed a massive illegal shark finning operation across the fleet of a major Chinese tuna fishing firm.

The company, Dalian Ocean Fishing, mainly serves the Japanese market. Most of its tuna has gone to Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation and its seafood trading arm, Toyo Reizo.

While the general outlines of their partnership are well-documented, tracing specific tuna flows from individual fishing boats to Mitsubishi’s supply chain is impeded by the murky nature of the supply chain.

Experts say this lack of transparency must be solved in order to prevent illegal fishing and labor abuses at sea."

Annelise Giseburt reports for Mongabay November 10, 2022.

Source: Mongabay, 11/10/2022