Hurricane Laura Forecast To "Rapidly Strengthen" Into Category 4 Storm

"Hurricane Laura is expected to become a Category 4 storm and slam into the Louisiana and Texas coasts as a major hurricane Wednesday evening. At least 20 million people are in the storm's path and over half a million have been ordered to evacuate.

The hurricane, currently a Category 3, was "rapidly intensifying" over the Gulf of Mexico early Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center said. It warned of potentially catastrophic and life-threatening storm surge, extreme winds, and flash flooding Wednesday night along the northwest Gulf Coast

"Steps to protect life and property should be rushed to completion in the next few hours," it said early Wednesday morning."

Brian Dakss, Sarah Lynch Baldwin, Victoria Albert, Peter Martinez, and Justin Carissimo report for CBS News August 26, 2020.


"Hurricane Laura Strengthens To Category 3 Storm, Expected To Reach Cat 4: Latest Track " (

Source: CBS News, 08/26/2020