"Hurricane Nicholas Hammers Gulf Coast Communities"

"After strengthening into a hurricane mere hours before landfall, Nicholas dealt a scathing blow to Texan cities prone to flooding and could further complicate recovery in areas ravaged by Ida."

"Nicholas came blasting ashore just after midnight on Tuesday as a Category 1 hurricane, the second hurricane to make landfall in the United States this season and the 19th named storm to hit the U.S. in the last 17 months. Under the dark of night, Nicholas unleashed wind gusts as high as 95 mph near where it made landfall, causing all manners of damage, and drenching rains that, combined with storm surge, resulted in widespread flooding.

And Nicholas reached hurricane force just prior to landfall, overcoming multiple atmospheric conditions to do so."

Adriana Navarro reports for AccuWeather September 15, 2021.


"'Take This Storm Seriously': Louisiana To Get More Torrential Rains From Nicholas As 100K Still Without Power In Texas" (USA TODAY)

Source: AccuWeather, 09/15/2021