"Hurricanes Like Laura Are More Likely Because Of Climate Change"

"Hurricane Laura's top wind speeds nearly doubled in just 24 hours as it approached the border between Texas and Louisiana. The wall of water it pushed in front of it grew until forecasters warned that it would produce "unsurvivable" storm surge.

Laura's rapid intensification is one hallmark of climate change. As the Earth warms up, the water on the surface of the ocean gets hotter. Hot water is like a battery charger for hurricanes; it send energy and moisture into the storm as it forms and helps it grow more powerful and deadly.

That means big, deadly hurricanes are getting more likely. "The proportion of all hurricanes reaching Category 4 and 5 strength has increased in recent years," says meteorologist Jeff Masters. "

Rebecca Hersher reports for NPR August 27, 2020.


"Hurricane Laura’s Rapid Intensification Is A Sign Of A Warming Climate, Scientists Say" (Washington Post)

Source: NPR, 08/28/2020