"Investigation: Parks in the Dark"

"Investigation reveals publicly funded Parks Canada staff and scientists are still not free to speak to the media".

"When Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government assumed office in November 2015, it came with promises of overturning Stephen Harper’s regressive, nine-year media regime which prevented many of the nation’s scientists from speaking with the press, often regarding hot-button environmental issues like climate change.

Some of the hardest hit by Harper’s policies had seemingly been Parks Canada employees.

In 2012, staff received letters warning they were not allowed to criticize the agency or the federal government amid job cuts. In 2014, a new policy forbade Parks Canada employees from speaking to the media without approval and required all requests for information to go through the national office."

Gloria Dickie reports for the Narwhal September 19, 2018.

Source: The Narwhal, 09/20/2018