"It’s Coyote Mating Season, And In My Neighborhood That Means Trouble"

"The reign of terror in my Northridge neighborhood began with manic dog barking, eerie coyote howls and the high-pitched screams of an animal fighting for its life in the middle of the night.

I hoped it was coming from the nearby canyon, which teems with wildlife. But early the next morning, as I was walking my dog, I came across the unmistakable sight of animal remains on the sidewalk near my house.

I hightailed it home and busied myself trying to not think about what that might portend. But the next morning, when I looked out my kitchen window, I saw a coyote standing in my driveway, looking around expectantly for another meal.

I ran out in pajamas, screaming and waving my arms so I would look large. I grabbed my water hose and blasted him with a jet stream, which had always worked in the past. But this coyote did not budge; he just stood there staring back at me."

Sandy Banks reports for the Los Angeles Times February 5, 2022.

Source: LA Times, 02/18/2022