"Japan Says No Limits to TEPCO Liability From Nuclear Disaster"

"TOKYO -- Tokyo Electric Power should face unlimited liability for damages stemming from its crippled nuclear power plant, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said on Monday, indicating Japan's government will take a hard line against the utility in its rescue plan.

Officials from the government, Tokyo Electric (9501.T: Quote), and creditor banks have been scrambling to craft a scheme that would allow the utility to cope with the massive bill of compensating displaced residents while staying in business as a private firm.

The plan under discussion would create a fund to provide loans for and buy preferred shares from Tokyo Electric, commonly known as Tepco. Other utilities would pay premiums as a buffer against future accidents, and Tepco would repay the fund from its profits over several years, sources with knowledge of the talks have told Reuters."

Taiga Uranaka reports for Reuters May 2, 2011.


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Source: Reuters, 05/02/2011