"Judge Lifts Gag Order On Details Of Anaconda Superfund Cleanup"

"A federal judge has lifted a gag order on the Anaconda Superfund cleanup. That means that after more than a decade of secrecy, Anaconda residents will soon be able to learn some details about the Superfund cleanup deal in the works for the Smelter City.

In July, the parties in charge of negotiating a final cleanup deal for the Anaconda Smelter Superfund Site announced they had reached a draft agreement.

Locals responded with cautious optimism, because they didn’t know the agreement’s details, due to a pre-existing court gag order covering Superfund settlement negotiations. The EPA, Atlantic Richfield Company and state and local governments couldn’t reveal any specifics about the cleanup deal or plan to the public. That was also the case in Butte."

Nora Saks reports for Montana Public Radio December 6, 2018.

Source: Montana Public Radio, 12/07/2018