"Keystone XL Pipeline Raises Tribal Concerns"

"CUSHING, Okla. -- In energy circles, the town of Cushing is well known as the hub used by New York oil traders to set the benchmark price for all U.S. crude oil. Row after row of giant oil storage tanks are lined up around a moribund downtown and a shopping strip. At the edge of town stands a sign made of white pipes declaring: 'Pipeline Crossroads of the World.'"

"This is also where Trans­Canada's existing Keystone pipeline ends and the southern leg of its new Keystone XL pipeline will begin.

Less well known is the fact that Cushing sits in the Sac and Fox Nation, part of a patchwork of land belonging to Oklahoma's 38 tribes, each with sovereignty over its own affairs and land."

Steven Mufson reports for the Washington Post September 17, 2012.

Source: Wash Post, 09/18/2012