Killing the Colorado: "The ‘Water Witch’"

"Pat Mulroy Preached Conservation While Backing Growth in Las Vegas"

"One afternoon last summer, Pat Mulroy stood in 106-degree heat at the broad concrete banister atop the Hoover Dam, the wall that holds back the mighty Colorado River, and with it the nation’s largest reserve of water.

The reservoir is the brain stem of the system that helps sustain just about every person from here to San Diego. But as Mulroy looked out over the drought-beleaguered pool, then at 39 percent capacity, it appeared almost empty.

'Scary,' Mulroy said."

Abrahm Lustgarten reports for ProPublica June 2, 2015, in the second part of the "Killing the Colorado" series in collaboration with Matter.

Source: ProPublica, 06/03/2015