Kiribati Looks To Artificial Islands To Save Nation From Rising Seas

"Kiribati has turned to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to help build artificial islands in an effort to save the low-lying Pacific nation from rising sea levels.

Kiribati President says artificial islands perhaps the only option for nation's future Engineers from the UAE have been enlisted for technical advice Majority of Kiribati's 33 coral atolls are less than six metres above sea level

The country's outgoing President Anote Tong has told the ABC's Pacific Beat program that despite global commitments on reducing carbon emissions, "the science continues to indicate that we will continue to go under water within the century".

"So we really have to look at adaptation strategies beyond mitigation, and we will have to build islands," he said. "

Australian ABC had the story February 17, 2016.

Source: Australian ABC, 02/19/2016