"KXL: TransCanada Prepped Local Police for Prosecuting Pipeline Foes"

"TransCanada Corp. warned law enforcement authorities of 'Aggressive/Abusive landowners' along the path of its Keystone XL pipeline in a recent security briefing that discussed avenues to prosecute demonstrators against its Canada-to-Gulf Coast project under anti-terrorism laws."

"The PowerPoint presentation given to EnergyWire by Bold Nebraska, a group organizing Plains-area locals against the $5.3 billion heavy crude line, illustrates the extent of the company's preparations to face continued civil disobedience by environmentalists mobilized against further development of the carbon-rich Canadian oil sands.

The briefing, dated December 2012, includes names and photos of more than 20 activists arrested for protesting Keystone XL, including actress Daryl Hannah, and cites 'landowner court challenges' as one of several 'potential security concerns' the pipeline could attract as its northern leg awaits a White House ruling on its construction permit."

Elana Schor reports for EnergyWire June 11, 2013.

Source: EnergyWire, 06/12/2013