"Lake Roosevelt: The Dam-Made Lake Holding a Century of Pollution"

"INCHELIUM, Wash. -- Imagine bringing your kids to the lake and wondering if they’d be better off at home, watching TV."

"Or washing your garden-grown vegetables and wondering if it would be healthier to eat canned ones.

Or digging for clams and mussels and wondering if they’re laden with lead and zinc, mercury and arsenic.

These are the worries of some who live along the upper Columbia River, especially Lake Roosevelt, a 150-mile-long stretch of the Columbia River, and the repository for much of the 10 million tons of slag that a Canadian smelter just north of the border dumped into the river for decades.

Over the last 20 years, several studies have been done to find out if Lake Roosevelt’s water is safe to swim in, its beaches are safe to play on, and its fish are safe to eat. So far, only a fish advisory warns people to limit the number of fish they eat. But additional risk assessments are needed before the issues to human health are known."

K.C. Mehaffey reports for the Wenatchee World October 12, 2013.

Source: Wenatchee World, 10/14/2013