"Latest Health Hazard in Gaza: Water That's Not Fit To Drink"

"Too contaminated to drink and never in continuous supply because of the hours-long daily power shortages, the water in Gaza is causing widespread, chronic health problems and contributing to high rates of child mortality."

"One of the most densely populated places in the world - its population of 1.6 million people crowds more than 4545 inhabitants per square kilometre - Gaza is in the grip of a water crisis that will affect the health of its residents for years, a new report warns.

In less than a decade Gaza's already depleted aquifer - its sole water source - will no longer produce water fit for human consumption, Save the Children and Medical Aid for Palestinians write in their report Gaza's Children: Falling Behind."

Ruth Pollard reports for the Sydney Morning Herld June 23, 2012.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 06/25/2012