"Lawmakers Seek Inquiry on Keystone XL Process"

"Lawmakers have called on the State Department’s inspector general to investigate the department’s handling of a crucial environmental study on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and urged President Obama to delay a decision on the project until the report is completed."

"In a letter sent on Wednesday to Harold W. Geisel, the State Department’s deputy inspector general, 14 members of Congress asked the department to look into the relationship between the pipeline company, TransCanada, and the firm that conducted the study.

The lawmakers said they were “disturbed” by reports, including an article this month in The New York Times, indicating that the State Department allowed TransCanada to essentially handpick the firm that would conduct the review."

Dan Frosch reports for the New York Times' Green blog October 26, 2011.


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Source: Green/NYT, 10/27/2011