Lawsuit: Responders Describe Vomiting, Gasping At Texas Chemical Plant

"A group of first responders exposed to smoke from a Crosby, Tex., chemical plant fire after Hurricane Harvey are suing the owner of the plant for more than $1 million, saying that they vomited and gasped for air in the middle of the road in a scene the suit describes as 'nothing less than chaos.'

The responders allege that the plant owner, Arkema, minimized the dangers of exposure to the fire and failed to warn the responders manning the perimeter of the mandatory 1.5 mile evacuation area to move farther away from the fumes after the first of nine trailers full of volatile organic peroxide burst into flames in the early nighttime hours of Aug. 29.

“Immediately upon being exposed to the fumes from the explosion, and one by one, the police officers and first responders began to fall ill in the middle of the road,” says the lawsuit, which was filed in a Harris County, Tex., court on Thursday. The responders’ lawyer, Mo Aziz, said they initially saw no smoke in the darkness."

Steven Mufson and Brady Dennis report for the Washington Post September 7, 2017.


"First Responders Sue Arkema For $1 Million Following Explosions At Crosby Plant" (Houston Chronicle)

Source: Washington Post, 09/08/2017