Lead Taints Economy; Loss To Developing Nations at $992 Billion

"Childhood lead exposure is costing developing countries $992 billion annually due to reductions in IQs and earning potential, according to a new study published today."

"The report by New York University researchers is the first to calculate the economic cost of children exposed to lead in Africa, Asia, Latin America and other developing regions. The researchers found that, despite major declines in exposure in the United States and Europe, lead is still harming brains and bottom lines in poorer regions around the world. The toxic metal is annually taking a 1.2 percent chunk out of the entire world’s gross domestic product, according to the new report. The researchers found that Africa’s economy is harmed the most, with annual economic losses estimated at $137.7 billion, or 4 percent of its gross domestic product. Lead paint, battery manufacture and hazardous waste sites are the major sources in developing nations."

Brian Bienkowski reports for Environmental Health News June 25, 2013.

Source: EHN, 06/25/2013