"Lens: Documenting Climate Change By Air, Land And Sea"

"The New York Times photographer Josh Haner has spent the past four years capturing the effects of climate change around the world and under water."

"Over the last four years, The New York Times staff photographer Josh Haner has been documenting with stills and video the effects of climate change around the world. A selection of his work about climate migration and Unesco World Heritage Sites affected by climate change is on display at Photo London at the Somerset House from May 16-19. Many of the images were taken by drone, but his most recent work in the Galápagos compelled him to work underwater as well. He spoke with James Estrin about his coverage. The conversation has been edited for brevity and clarity."

Photographs by Josh Haner, who is interviewed by James Estrin, in the New York Times May 14, 2019.

Source: NY Times, 05/15/2019