"Literature: Meet Cli-Fi. It's Dark, It's Gloomy — And It Might Help"

"The southern United States disappeared under rising waters and sudden storms pummel the coast of the Mississippi Sea. New Orleans is gone; so is Florida. Oil is outlawed, and the nation is plunged into a second civil war marked by disease and desperate refugees.

'The water swallowed the land,' Omar El Akkad writes in 'American War,' a novel about war and displacement set in a United States transformed by climate change. 'To the southeast, the once glorious city of New Orleans became a well within the walls of its levees. The baptismal rites of a new America.'

This is cli-fi.

Authors like El Akkad are turning to climate fiction to craft stories about the dark possibilities of a climate-threatened planet and the bright potential to avoid it. The genre is helping readers come to terms with global warming predictions and even imagine solutions for it, experts and authors say."

Jennifer Hijazi reports for ClimateWire February 14, 2020.

Source: ClimateWire, 02/18/2020