"Los Angeles Beaches Plagued With Toxic Stormwater, Report Warns"

"Officials are doing little to reduce the biggest source of pollutants in local water, researchers find"

"Los Angeles beaches are plagued by stormwater pollution that can make people sick and damage ecosystems, and local governments are largely failing to address the hazards, according to a new report.

The LA region has made little progress toward reducing pollution from stormwater, which is the single greatest source of pollutants in local rivers, lakes and the ocean, according to researchers with Heal the Bay, a not-for-profit environmental organization.

The report was released this week following days of much-needed rain in southern California. While winter rains in LA are critical to reducing wildfire risks and supporting the state’s water supply, the runoff can cause serious public and environmental health problems."

Sam Levin reports for the Guardian December 11, 2019.

Source: Guardian, 12/12/2019