"A Low Bar in Cancún? Not for U.S., Envoy Declares"

"Todd Stern, the chief American climate change negotiator, arrived on Friday in the Mexican resort town of Cancún, where the annual two-week United Nations climate extravaganza has been under way since Monday.

He made clear at an afternoon press briefing that the United States was seeking an agreement that addresses all the major issues that make up the current climate change agenda. He said quite emphatically that he was not interested in some sort of face-saving partial deal that makes progress on some questions but kicks the more difficult problems down the road.

He said the United States was seeking a 'balanced set of decisions' that makes measurable progress on the six issues now before the conference: emissions reductions, technology transfers, adaptation, verification, financing and forest preservation. The issues formed the core of the Copenhagen Accord negotiated last year, and an agreement that does not make comparable progress on all of them is not acceptable, Mr. Stern said.

'Anyone who says that any of these issues is too difficult or should be put off for another day is not trying hard enough,' he said. 'None of these issues is too difficult for us and none of them should be put off.'"

John M. Broder reports for the New York Times' Green blog December 3, 2010.


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Source: Green (NYT), 12/06/2010